Feature Web Development Tool: CDNJS

There are many benefits to using a CDN javascript/css library on your web site rather than running them off your server.  For one, it’s quicker to load than most servers, there’s also a chance the library is already loaded on a client’s browser.  This is most common in the case of using Google’s JQuery CDN, there’s a chance many sites a user visits already have this CDN loaded and cached in their browser.

My go-to search engine for loading CDN libraries is CDNJS.  I’ve found almost everything on a CDN by searching this site, everything from the usual Twitter Bootstrap CSS to a tiny JQuery application I’ve found on GitHub.

You can visit cdnjs.com here.

You can see the advantages and disadvantages by reading this StackOverflow thread.  While it is a few years old, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.


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